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My Chemical Romance Secrets

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Secrets of MCR fans.

(thanks to hansonsecrets for all that is below)

how to submit ::

1. design a graphic that relates to your secret...it doesn't have to be super pretty! microsoft paint works just as well!
2. go to tinypic.com, and where it says "browse," find the secret on your computer. once you've selected it, click 'host picture'. Then take the code in the 'Link' box and copy the link to your clipboard. (control + c)
3. leave a comment on the most recent submissions post.
4. hit the 'anonymous' user button, and paste (control + v) your link into the comment box.
5. hit submit! if you get the following message, you did it right: Your anonymous comment has been added. According to this community's settings, it was marked as screened, and will be visible only to the community maintainers until they choose to unscreen it. I post the secrets in random order, but I will post the secrets from the older submission post before the newer one.

Please do not use this as a place to just be nasty to other fans!

There is no actual joining of the community as I'll be the only one posting, but add it to your friendslist to keep up with it.

The only secrets that will not be posted are secrets larger than 800 x 600, and secrets that outright bash other individuals (ie. "this secret posted last time was stupid. mikey would never do that! you suck!" or "I don't know why this chick posted her picture with gerard! she's ugly!").and also... GIRLFRIEND SECRETS WILL NOT BE POSTED!

Please be honest -- lying in an anonymous forum is stupid. If you haven't really slept with Frank, etc, don't say you did. it's not cool.

please do not use Supload.com, it has disabled hotlinking. You may post your picture with your personal domain if you please, but i will upload it to the community's photobucket to keep your anonymity. If you do not have your own domain, the easiest way to upload your picture would be here(tinypic.com)

//questions?? e-mail me:(mcrsecrets@gmail.com)//